Visiting The Food Basket

What to expect on the first visit to The Food Basket…

• Each family is interviewed to determine eligibility and need.
• Families and individual who qualify will receive food to supplement their weekly food supply.

The type and amount of food received is dependent on the number of people in the household and pantry resources. Eligible individuals and families typically receive:

• Dairy: Eggs
• Grains: Rice, Bread, Cereal and Pasta
• Protein: Dry beans, Peanut Butter, Canned and Frozen meat
• Produce: Onions, Potatoes, and other fresh items, as available
• Canned Soup, Beans, Vegetables, Fruit, and Tomato-based products
• Personal care & infant care items

Documents You Will Need

Please bring the following to EACH visit to receive food assistance:

• Social Security Card or birth certificate for each member of the household
• Proof of address: Drivers License, lease or rent agreement, utility bill
• Proof of Income: check stub for each working household member; for household members with no income, an Employment Certification Form must be signed; for household members receiving Social Security, SSI, a pension, SNAP, HUD, and/or child support, annual award letters must be presented.


The Food Basket does not exclude services based on race, appearance, age, religion, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation of any individual.

The Food Basket provides food assistance to qualifying families living in Southern Brazoria County.   Eligibility for food assistance is based on government guidelines. 

Other Services

Interviewers at The Food Basket maintain a referral database, connecting families with other organizations who can assist with a variety of physical, educational, social and spiritual needs.

Stop by the Pantry

Please stop by and visit with our caring volunteers at The Food Basket.
We are here for you.
Just reach out...