We welcome individuals and groups. Call us!

The Philosophy of Volunteering at The Food Basket
is to allow each individual to volunteer as they feel called.

Weekly Shopping

  • Volunteer at the pantry assisting shoppers in selecting groceries.

  • Stock shelves with donations

  • Distribute produce that fits a family's needs

Store Pick-up

Our local grocery stores are very involved in efforts to collect donations. Volunteers periodically stop by Kroger, Food King and others to collect these donations and bring them to the pantry.

  • Local restaurants, such as Red Lobster, are generous and are on our pick-up list

  • Other local businesses, such as Target, also contribute to the needs of our community

Receiving & Unloading Donations

On one Monday, every 2 months, a truck arrives with about 20,000 pounds of frozen food, dairy, produce and other items for the pantry. Many volunteer hands make light work of unloading the truck and bringing the donated supplies into the pantry. 

Volunteer Time & Talents

Feeding the hungry is a labor of love, and it  If you have a heart for helping those in need of food, please consider these activities:

  • Data entry & other computer work

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Facilities Maintenance - Maintenance day once per quarter to sterilize coolers and do required building maintenance

Our Fruitful Garden

Do you love gardening and the world of nature? You may love working in our gardens.

  • Beautifying the pantry's grounds lifts the spirits of our customers and our volunteers.

  • Tending our produce garden produces fresh food for those we serve.

  • Our orchard provides a unique & wonderful opportunity to bless everyone in many ways:

    • Working in the orchard strengthens the body

    • Just being in the orchard strengthens the soul.

    • Tending the orchard teaches lessons of nature

    • Harvest time in the orchard brings the joy and fulfillment of a job well done.

Parents & Kids

Can families volunteer? Can I? What age do you have to be to volunteer here?  The Food Basket offers many opportunities for parents to encourage their children to find their place in the world through service. We also aim to help young people explore moments, activities or experiences that make them light up with joy, energy and a sense of purpose.

Please Contact Us about this special opportunity!